The travel clinic at Laurel Bank Surgery

The Practice Nurse offers a comprehensive service for travellers, including general travel health advice, malaria prevention advice and immunisation recommendations.

It is really important that you visit the surgery before you travel in order to seek advice and protection for your trip.

It is essential that your Travel Health appointment is arranged with the Nurse well in advance of your departure date (about 6 to 8 weeks before you travel is ideal). Some vaccines are given as part of a course over several weeks, so it is important to be properly protected.

Some countries require visitors to be vaccinated before they are permitted to enter their borders (i.e. Yellow Fever), and it is strongly recommended that travellers take responsibility for their health care.

Occasionally, you will have some urgent reason that means you cannot plan in advance and, in these circumstances, we will do our best to help. It is never too late to get some protection, even up to the day of your departure, so please seek advice. However, for your best health care, forward planning is preferable.

During your Travel Health appointment, your individual needs will be assessed. Advice on immunisations tailored to your journey will be given based on factors such as age, medical history, local health conditions at your intended destination and the type of accommodation you plan to stay in. Your Malaria risk will also be assessed and relevant medications discussed.

Before you attend, we ask that you complete a Travel Risk Assessment form, which can be collected from the Practice or downloaded here.

On completion of the form, please return it for the attention of the Travel Nurse. She will then contact you in due course with an appointment.

A comprehensive tariff of the recommended vaccines is available.

For more independent advice on safe travel:

Page last updated: June 07, 2019