Tests and results


Specimens must be handed into reception before 2pm in order for it to be collected and processed by the pathology laboratory at the local hospital. Suitable containers can be obtained from the receptionist. These must have your name and date of birth on them.

Blood and other samples may also be taken during your appointment, or at an appointment you make with the Practice Nurse or Phlebotomist at the Doctor’s request.

Test Results

You will be given an indication of when you may expect your test results.

If you have not been asked to make a follow up appointment with the Doctor to get your results, we strongly advise you to telephone or call in for your results. Do not rely on us contacting you as the surgery receives so many results that the doctor cannot follow up every minor abnormality.

Remember if you have more than one blood test ordered the results may come back at different times.

Please call in or telephone reception AFTER 12.00 noon for results. You may sometimes be asked to make an appointment to see the doctor to discuss your results, as we may need to make changes to your medical care.

Page last updated: December 12, 2017