Physiotherapy is a method of assessing and treating physical problems affecting everyday life such as pain, loss of function in joints, muscles and the nervous system and treating them appropriately.

The commonest are:

  • Musculo skeletal conditions such as whiplash and frozen shoulder
  • Arthritis
  • Post operative mobilisation problems
  • Chronic chest problems

First Contact Physiotherapy

The practice, alongside colleagues in the Rural Alliance Primary Care Network, has commissioned a First Contract Physiotherapy service from Cheshire and Wirral Partnership. There is no referral required, and you can book directly with the physios here at the Surgery via reception.

The First Contact Physiotherapists are senior clinicians whose role it is to assess your musculosketal concerns and recommend the next course of action. You would normally only see these Physiotherapists once, and perhaps for a follow-up. They can arrange tests, including MRI scans if appropriate and will refer for further rehabilitation physiotherapy if this is required.